Secure Your .NET Code - Secure Your Revenues

Why software protection matters?


Getting paid for what you deliver is the basis for long-term profitable business. Yet software vendors continue to lose about 41 percent of their income through software piracy.

According to BSA (Business Software Alliance), the worldwide piracy rate went up from 38 percent in 2007 to 41 percent in 2008, the global rate rose for the second year in a row.

The monetary value of unlicensed software (“losses” to software vendors) grew by more than $5.1 billion (11 percent) to $53.0 billion from 2007 to 2008.


Software vendors looking to increase their revenue stream should look for ways to stop piracy of their software. SecureTeam is reaching out to help its customers protect their software using its industry leading .NET code protection & licensing solutions.


What we offer?

.NET Code Protection

SecureTeam secures the Intellectual Property of your .NET applications. We provide you with a proven technology that blocks attackers from utilizing advanced code tampering techniques to study, hack or modify your code. Our solution is applied at the binary level and doesn't require any source code modification. It's specialized for the .NET environment, written in .NET, for the .NET community thus ensures your software product remain 100% .NET compatible. Read More

Secure Software Licensing

Agile.NET features secure software licensing options enabling the offering of attractive software product solutions and pricing models. Agile.NET supports multiple software licensing models directly out-of-the-box.
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Professional Services

Accelerate your implementation and mitigate risk with SecureTeam Professional Services. SecureTeam Professional Services help you jumpstart your implementation, get your product licensed and ready for sale, and integrate Agile.NET into your current processes and organizational structure. Whether you are looking to integrate our solution to your build server, perform software security auditing, or benefit from our deep security expertise. SecureTeam Professional Services provides you with the consulting to be successful.
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SecureTeam is a global provider of .NET code protection & software licensing solutions. Its products allows software vendors to extend protection beyond obfuscation solutions by encrypting MSIL code and decrypting it one method at a time during exceution. Global leaders utilize SecureTeam's solution to protect their intellectual property, guard their code against tampering or code theft & control the usage of their software.