String Obfuscation

Assemblies compiled by the .NET framework store all the literal strings used by your code in one place called 'the string heap'. This make it easy for a hacker to review all strings literals and find key phrases like 'Invalid License' and then by following the code references to such strings find the methods that enforce licensing or reveal important information such as database connection strings, passwords, etc. prevents access to the information captured by literal strings in your software by obfuscating them and placing them in a secure storage. When needed, the strings get decrypted in memory.

Obfuscating Const Strings can only obfuscate literal string values, it doesn't obfuscate const strings since they are not stored in the string heap. If you would like to obfuscate a string declared as const, you have to change its declaration to 'static readonly string'.

Using String Obfuscation

To enable string obfuscation:

string obfuscation
  • Select String Obfuscation tab.
  • Select I want to hide sensitive data such as…