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Agile.NET Obfuscator features advanced obfuscation techniques that keep class and method names intact while completely hiding IL code stored in assembly methods, replacing the method bodies with empty method stubs. Agile.NET Obfuscator additional features include: control flow obfuscation, string encryption, dependant-assembly merging and a complete copy protection solution. Agile.NET copy protection module provides security and flexibility and can be used to easily provide trials, hardware locking and subscription licenses to existing products.

Code Virtualization
Transforms original code into virtual opcodes that will only be understood by an internal Virtual Machine.
Cross Assembly Obfuscation
All members obfuscated in an assembly will be also obfuscated in all referenced assemblies.
Code Encryption
Protects the code itself, replaces method bodies with empty method stubs.
Breaks all de-obfuscator tools, including de4dot.
Assembly Merging
Merge multiple .NET assemblies into a single assembly.
Protects 64-bit applications
Supports 32-bit & 64-bit applications.
Prevents debugging of protected assemblies.
.NET Compatible
Obfuscates WinForms, ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone 7, Compact Framework.
  • Start building more reliable and secure software today

    Agile.NET code protection module offers better protection for your .NET code by providing a protection that goes beyond standard obfuscation methods. The protection employed by Agile.NET completely hides the IL code stored in the assembly methods, replacing the method bodies with empty method stubs.

  • Control where & when your software is used

    Agile.NET incorporates SecureTeam's Digital Rights Management Solution, aimed to enable our customers to rapidly facilitate the protection and licensing of their software. Agile.NET introduces secure software licensing options enabling the offering of attractive software product solutions and pricing models.

  • Leverage latest advancements in code obfuscation technology

    Agile.NET gives a variety of advanced protections to .NET software including symbol renaming, string encryption and control flow obfuscation. Agile.NET features 'method call obfuscation', a one-of-a-kind protection technique that replaces calls to external members with dynamic methods created at runtime.

  • Optimize .NET software deployment with assembly merging

    Merging allows a set of assemblies to be combined into a single file. This can be used to merge an executable file with its supporting dynamic linked libraries to allow you to distribute a runnable program as a single file.

  • Prevent debugging of your .NET software

    Agile.NET implements strong anti-debugging schemes into the protected assemblies to prevent debugging of the protected code. The anti-debugging logic is embedded into the assembly adding another layer of protection that hardens the overall protection scheme.

  • Who else is using Agile.NET obfuscator?

    Since 2005, many of the world’s most respected brands trust Agile.NET to help them protect their revenue stream & intellectual property. "Secureteam seems to be only vendor on the .NET software protection market who was able to provide us with a fast and reliable solution." Mike Southgate, Developer Siemens E&A.

Advanced Code Protection Technology

SecureTeam's advanced code protection technology delivers a layered protection approach that combines method level code encryption, obfuscation, licensing, and anti-reverse engineering countermeasures embedded into existing application code.

All together providing its customers with means to protect their .NET applications against piracy, code theft and malicious tampering.

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Unmatched Copy Protection

Agile.NET copy protection module provides unmatched security and flexibility, it can be used to easily provide trials, hardware locking and subscription licenses to existing products.

The License Manager makes it easy to design license schemes and then integrate them into existing Visual Studio projects using the Visual Studio project wizard.

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Automated Error Reporting Service

Recieve complete state of your program when it crashed in real time. Provide R&D and customer support with real-time data including rich stack trace information, method parameters and local variables values. Optimize data collection by automating the error reporting procedure within your organization. Agile.NET Error Reporting Service helps improving software quality, reduce support expense, and increasing user satisfaction.

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SecureTeam is a global provider of .NET code protection & software licensing solutions. Its products allows software vendors to extend protection beyond obfuscation solutions by encrypting MSIL code and decrypting it one method at a time during exceution. Global leaders utilize SecureTeam's solution to protect their intellectual property, guard their code against tampering or code theft & control the usage of their software.