SecureTeam Copy Protection

AgileDotNet.Licensing Namespace


AgileDotNetLicense Represents a license containning all required information to authorize the use of a component or an application.
AgileDotNetLicenseProvider Agile.NET LicenseProvider implementation.
BadLicenseFormat Indicates the license doesn't match to the expected license format.
FeatureLock The feature lock is used to control access to named product features. The class facilitates querying named product features enabled by the license creator.
HardwareProfile Represents a collection of hardware properties that can be used to enforce usage of a component or an application based on a machine's hardware footprint.
HardwareProfileLock The hardware lock is used for hardware locking a license to a specific machine.
LicenseFeature Identifies a named product feature. When used by a network license service, describes also the maximum number of feature instances that can shared among mutiple clients.
LicenseKey Represents an asymmetric key used to sign and validate licenses.
LicenseKeyNotFoundException The exception is thrown when the system couldn't find the license key file.

The license key file named 'AgileDotNet.Licensing.PrivateKey.bin' can be found at the Agile.NET application path. The file contains a public/private key pair that is used to encrypt and sign each license created using RSA public key encryption, thus helps preventing an unauthorized user from tampering with the license.

LicenseManagerException The exception is thrown when an internal error has occured during licensing.
LicenseNotFoundException The exception is thrown when a valid license cannot be obtained.
LicensePublicKey Designates the public key used to validate and authenticate licenses.
Lock Represents a license control measure that should be enforced by AgileDotNetLicense.
LockCollection Represents a collection of Lock objects.
MacAddressLock Locks the use of a license to a designated NIC's MAC address.
NetworkLicenseException Represents an exception thrown by the network license system.
RegistrationLock Stores registration information, this information can be used to capture the licensee personal information and to display or report it when needed.
TimeLock Used to control the time that the product can be used.
TrialLock Designates that the license is an evaluation license.
UsageModeLock Locks the use of the licensed software to a designtime or runtime environment.
VersionLock Locks license usage to a designated release of the licensed software.



LockValidationStatus Possible values returned from calling Lock.Validate.
TimeLockType Defines how TimeLock should be enforced.
TimeVerificationMethod Defines how time expiration is validated.
UsageMode The UsageModeLock use this enumeration. It's use to set the context in which the licensed software is used. This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.